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ANIL CHHIKARA M.I.E. (Mech. Engg.) a possessor of rich versatile personality has established a high reputation in Indian Automobile Industries as well as in Transport Authorities (R-T.O.'s) not only in Delhi also throughout India. Mr. Anil Chhikara is presently Serving as motor Licensing officer, in Transport Department. Delhi and bestowed his incredible contribution for uplifting of R.T.O.'s functionaries.

Mr. Anil Chhikara started his career with DCM Toyota Ltd. in 1985 as a Trainee Engineer after accomplishing other training projects with automotive.

Endeavoring for making mobility a driving force to uplift life standard.
Mobility to become a fundamental right of life.
Mobility to give life not snatch life.
Mobility to give joy not sorrow.
Demystifying the public doubts about of RTO’s functioning providing in depth stuff from engineering, regulation and sensible solution.
Collection of all possible information and depicting to masses for RTO conduct/ business .